Friday, May 2, 2014

Weaving Weft: On Malaysian Hair Weaves

Hair extensions are fashionable accessories popularized by celebrities such as Beyoncé and Paris Hilton. With these extensions, women can achieve their desired volume and length of hair regardless of their natural hair growth limitations. These extensions come in different types, and one of the most prevalent varieties among wearers are Malaysian hair weaves.

Malaysian hair weaves are extensions made from natural Malaysian hair. Known for their organic smoothness and rich darkness, Malaysian hair weaves blend in seamlessly if worn next to wefts of natural black hair. It helps that these extensions are easy to take care of and maintain, and they last for a long time as well. Since these weaves are available in varying levels of straightness, buyers can choose a weave that best matches or enhances their own hair.

Notably, Malaysian hair weaves are attached to the head of the wearer in a distinct manner compared to most other extensions. While other extensions are either glued in place or worn much like a hairpiece, Malaysian hair extensions are woven along with the wearer’s natural hair. This simple attachment method is less damaging to the wearer’s scalp compared to other techniques and allows the wearer to easily remove the extensions if she ever grows tired of them.

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