Friday, January 3, 2014

Guide to Keeping Hair Healthy When With a Weave

Wearing hair weaves, be it Malaysian hair or any other type that suits you, is a great way to keep looking elegant even without the hassle of regular styling and restyling. Did you know that, even with a weave on, you can still keep your original hair underneath nice and healthy

Loosen Up

When putting up weaves, make sure it doesn’t end up too tight. Hair weaves should be comfortable enough without the feeling of someone endlessly pulling your scalp. In fact, this tightness could lead to hair loss. Ask your stylist to loosen the braids so that your real hair doesn’t end up stressed.

Regular Washing 

You should regularly shampoo your hair all the way to the scalp. When wearing a weave, there’s a greater chance that the natural oils and perspiration will have an adverse effect on your hair. Take it one step further by following up your shampoo regimen with deep conditioning. 


Don’t prolong your hair weave use for more than two months, lest your original hair ends up being badly damaged because of the strain. After this period, give your hair at least a few weeks to breathe and restore some of its luster and strength before getting a new set of weaves.

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