Friday, January 10, 2014

The Difference between Virgin and Remy Hair

Want to grow long, beautiful hair in one day? There’s no magic involved here, just a trip to your local beauty salon where a hair stylist can attach hair extensions that add volume and length to your natural hair. These days though, you’ll often hear about remy or virgin hair extensions. What exactly are they? 

First, their similarities. Both remy and virgin hair have intact cuticles that are aligned in a unidirectional manner. Cuticles are the outer covering of your hair that once are damaged or misaligned, makes hair more prone to breakage or tangling. Hence, remy and virgin hair extensions are better options than synthetic ones or non-remy hair. 

What sets the two apart, however, is chemical treatment—or more specifically, lack thereof. Virgin hair is cut directly from a single donor and is not treated in any way, making them the most natural hair extensions on the market. Remy hair, on the other hand, have been permed, dyed, bleached or curled in some manner, so they have seen some amount of processing. Which you should get, however, depends on your preferences and budget. 

The next time you get extensions, make sure to ask your dresser if she is using synthetic, remy, or virgin hair. Knowing which is which allows you to get the best hair extensions for your money.

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