Monday, June 8, 2015

Hair Talk: Taking Good Care of Your Beautiful Remy Hair Extensions

The dirt and sweat that accumulates on your scalp as you go through your day can result in your hair extensions getting damaged and tangled. High-quality virgin Remy hair from shops like Virgin Hair Fixx have the natural protection of the original cuticle, but this can get worn down by hair cleaning products. Washing your hair every two days is a good balance between being clean and dirty. When it’s time to wash your hair, avoid using harsh haircare products like anti-dandruff shampoos that contain sulfur and other chemicals. These can degrade the bonds that connect your extensions to your hair. There is also a proper procedure to washing your hair. Don’t just apply your shampoo; gently massage it on your scalp. Cleanse from the top of your head and ensure that hair doesn’t get tangled. After rinsing, let your hair dry naturally; blow-drying can apply heat that could loosen and damage your hair extensions.

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