Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hair Care Tip: Aloe Vera Can Do Wonders for Virgin Hair Extensions

They say that when it comes to quality, virgin hair extensions are at the very top. They are best known for their durability, volume, and rich dark color. Still, even the best hair extensions need a little tender love and care to keep it shiny and healthy. You’re probably already familiar with the basic hair care routine for your hair extensions and here’s one more to add to your regimen—aloe vera. That’s right, that prickly plant commonly used for herbal medicines can actually do wonders for your hair. Go Green and Natural Aloe vera has always been seen as a miracle ingredient in the hair industry because of its many benefits. It helps fight off frizz and locks the moisture into the strands and scalp. It also has a cleansing property that minimizes product build-up. It also helps protect against heat and stops shedding. Going green and natural are good for both your hair extensions and your natural hair so it’s always a win-win.

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