Monday, September 21, 2015

How to Achieve a Smooth Malaysian Straight Hair without Heat Damages?

The lustrous, smooth Malaysian straight hair is often a source of envy for those who are naturally born with wild curly hair, and spend hours every day straightening their locks. Repeated use of hot irons to straighten the hair, however, often causes extensive damage. When repeatedly straightened out, hair could become dry, frizzy, and more prone to breakage. For this same reason, heat should be avoided as much as possible when straightening the hair, but how exactly is this possible? Here are some tips that you can use: The easiest and fastest way to achieve Malaysian-like hair, is to use actual virgin Malaysian hair extensions like those provided by companies like Virgin Hair Fixx. Hair extensions, particularly clip-ons, are fast and easy to attach, and can be removed just as easily at the end of the day.

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