Saturday, September 5, 2015

Malaysian Hair? New Color? If Your ‘Do Is Old, Here’s How to Change It

There are various ways for you to enact a quick, noticeable hairstyle shift. Fancy short hair, but not keen on cutting your hair? Try a faux bob, which you can do by pulling your hair together at your nape, tying them near the ends and tucking them under to pin them in place. Looking to play with different colors? Try using colored hair chalks so you can experiment with temporary hues. Think your hair looks thinner than it is? Trick people’s eyes by curling hair in different directions for an illusion of added volume. If you want to lengthen you hair in a jiffy, there are ways to go around it as well. Take the likes of standard Malaysian hair extensions, for one. With these plus the help of a savvy hairdresser, you can instantly add a lot of oomph to your mane (volume, length, and even both).

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