Saturday, September 12, 2015

Thin Hair Due to Crash Dieting: How Hair Extensions Hide the Effects

So you found this beautiful dress you want to wear to your upcoming college reunion and think you should shed those extra pounds now. Before you go on a diet and live on biscuits and soup for the weeks to come as you take that diet pill, maybe it is worth learning how crash dieting can cause you to lose your hair. You heard it right. While dieting to the extreme can help shrink those flabs, your crown may pay the price. Experts agree that making sudden changes to one’s diet causes the body to experience a ‘shock’. According to Live Strong, focusing your diet on only one food group creates disruptions in the body’s processes, just like illness and trauma would. This unplanned diet puts the body in a malnourished state. As a response to this attack, it stops supplying nutrients the hair follicles use in order to focus all of its energies in nourishing the more vital organs.

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