Friday, December 20, 2013

Picking the Right Weaves for Your Hair

Women wear their hair like a crown. For some women, hair is a status symbol. A lot of hairstyles were created and continue to be created to make a woman look simply stunning. Conversely, a lot of these hairstyles are meant to make a statement.Some women even cut their hair short to make that statement more eminent.

After some time enjoying a short statement hair though, most women will eventually miss their long locks. This is where hair weaves come ‘weaving in’, allowing women to go back to their glorious long hair in a New York minute. These fashionable hair attachments allow women to instantly ‘regrow’, wearing short hair one moment then going out wearing a ponytail the next.

If you’re planning on buying a hair weave anytime soon, there are a few things for you to consider first. To start with, know that there are generally two different kinds of hair used for weaves: remy hair and virgin hair. Remy hair is usually defined as a lock of hair that came from different sources and stitched in together to create a single weave. In contrast, virgin hair usually comes from one single person. In addition, virgin hair is called as such because it supposedly hasn’t had any harsh and harmful chemicals applied to it. Let this information guide you on your upcoming hair weave purchase.

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